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BigYellow website

Designed website
for BigYellowBag
so customers
can order soil 24/7

Order website Designed website
for Order Sod Now
so customers can
order sod 24/7
MJM Equestrian Website Designed website
for MJM Equestrian Centre
(formerly Black's Equine Centre)
MJM FB Post Skating Adults

I designed Facebook Covers and Posts for
MJM Equestrian Centre and
Glanbrook Skating Club with Photoshop or Illustrator.

Kidfo Facebook Page

Facebook Cover Page for

Notice the extra apps for Subscribe
and Egg Hunts.

Kidfo Email

Write, design and send monthly email for


Flower Illustration drawn in
Adobe Illustrator
GSC website

Designed and maintain Glanbrook Skating Website

Hands Hands Illustration drawn in
Adobe Illustrator
Map Map, Scissors, and
Type Special Effects
created in
Adobe Illustrator
InDesign Wedding Layout Wedding layout done with Photoshop and IndDesign
Photo Line ArtTextures

and special effects
created in Adobe Photoshop

Photo Edges Special effects with photo edges created in Adobe Photoshop

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