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Tragedy on the Twenty
Can you imagine raising four children under four during the depression
—without a husband?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the second year in a row. Will they defeat the New York Rangers to win the coveted cup two years in a row? Famous bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde have another shoot-out with police. Will they get caught this time? German Chancellor Adolph Hitler is making changes in Germany that has the rest of the world taking notice.

It’s April 1933 and while others are looking forward to the upcoming Easter long weekend, twenty-five-year old Janetta Fanson is organizing a funeral. Her life is suddenly spiraling downhill; this is not the life that she and her husband had planned together. With three children under four—and a fourth on the way—Janetta must raise her children with no job or driver’s license during the worst year of the depression. Travel with Janetta on her journey of self-discovery, through inquests and decisions, and learn how she reclaims her life and starts to live again.
6"x9" Historical fiction novel written and illustrated by Barbara Fanson, published by Sterling Education Centre.
This brand-new book will have a book launch party on Sunday, July 19 at 1 p.m. at Fulton Hall.
102 pages, $14.98

Headlines for Promotions BookHeadlines for Promotions:
A helpful guide for planning advertisements, email promotions, and social mediaAnyone who prepares ads, email promotions, or social media posts will benefit from this planning guide. Keep this book close by and plan your promotions in advance—at least a month or two ahead. Special events, monthly events, and weekly activities are listed and categorized so they're easy to find.

This is a collection of headlines that you can use for print or social media promotions.

The theme and headlines of print advertisements in newspapers and magazines should match your email promotions, which should match your social media marketing, as well.

Whatever your goal, this book will help you catch a viewer's attention—just add an interesting graphic. $10

Desktop Book ShopFrom Desktop to Book Shop:
Get your writing off the computer and into a book

Have a story that needs to be told? Or, your company needs a manual?. Or, you just want to prepare files for printing? This book will help you get your story off a computer and into a printed book or an eBook that can be read on almost any electronic device. From planning your book and inputting it into a word processing program, this book will take you ‘From Desktop To Book Shop.’ Learn how to format paragraphs and lay out the pages professionally. Prepare photo and images so you can import them. You’ll discover the difference between static design used in print books and free-flowing text required for eBooks. $15

With print on-demand books becoming more popular, you can print one copy or twenty; you don’t need to store thousands of books. Maybe you just want to print 10 books of your favorite recipes or you’ve researched your family tree and want to share the information with family. Maybe you or your business would benefit professionally or financially by being a ‘published author.’ Whatever your goal, this book will help you create and publish a book.
Written by Barbara A. Fanson. Published by Sterling Education Centre. 146 pages.Email Promotions Book

Email Promotions Made Easy
51% of email recipients will delete an email within 2 seconds! What can you do to entice viewers to look at your email before deleting it? Take a private course and learn 12 ways to generate email lists, successful subject lines that tell not sell, how preheaders can entice recipients to look further, design tips for creating effective promotional emails and newsletters or use templates to send out to thousands of email addresses.

Desktop Publishing BookStart and Run a Profitable Desktop Publishing Business,$15.95
You can earn $100,000 a year as a desktop publisher if you know how and where to market your skills. Learn how to get clients, how much to charge, keep track of projects, promote, manage a business. The second edition has a CD with forms.

Publishers, designers, writers, marketers, photographers and editors will benefit from the advice packed into this book on developing a niche market, getting and servicing clients, billing practices, controlling work flow, maintaining project dockets and archiving projects. Sample invoices and business forms included. We have a few copies in stock. Email: learn@sterlinged.com
Written by Barbara A. Fanson. Published by Self-Counsel Press. 147 pages.

Newsletter bookProducing a First-Class Newsletter,$14.95
Learn how to plan, write, edit, design, and print newsletters. Develop your photography and layout skills to get your publication read. The design fundamentals you'll learn can be applied to any publication, promotional material or business form.

Some of the topics covered are kinds of newsletters, forming objectives, naming, planning consistency, distribution and circulation, budgeting, using outside services (writers, photographers, printers), setting up a functional layout, creating graphics, typography, using color effectively, the editor's role, writing styles, writing headlines, choosing photos, desktop publishing, proofing your publication, printing, and distributing the newsletter.
Written by Barbara A. Fanson, this book is a how-to guide to writing, editing, designing, planning, producing, photography, printing, and distributing newsletters. Published by Self-Counsel Press.

Newsletter Planning BookNewsletter Planning Guide, $10
Written by Barbara A. Fanson, this book is a how-to guide on planning, writing, editing, designing, photography, printing, and newsletters. Written and designed by Barbara A. Fanson and printed by Rewco Printing, the binder is a helpful planning guide for your next newsletter. Includes plenty of forms for budgeting, setting objectives for your newsletter, recording stories and who will write them, and planning distribution and circulation.

Plenty of fill-in forms are included in this newsletter planning workbook. Includes tips on budgeting your publication and planning the circulation, frequency, and distribution of your publication. Learn how to deal with writers, photographers, and printers. Self-published. We have several copies in stock. E-mail us: learn@sterlinged.com

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