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Top 10 mistakes businesses make on Facebook

1. No clear plan of what you want to do or how you’ll do it on Facebook. Why does your business want a Facebook page and what do you hope to achieve?

2. Posting poor quality posts that don’t appeal to your target market. Vary your posts. Have the occasional special mixed with Throwback Thursdays when you post retro photos or industry news.

Share MJM Post3. Sharing content without explaining why.
If you see a joke, advice, or news in your newsfeed that you think is relevant, share it, and add a sentence.

4. Asking for untargeted followers. You have to get people to like your page who really like your page. It’s more important to have quality followers, not quantity. Some contests enjoy success because people want to win … but will they buy from you?

5. Not taking advantage of your personal profile to grow your influence. By humanizing your business, people feel more connected to you. They would rather talk to a person, than a logo.

6. Not using Insights so you know what days and times your followers are on Facebook. The days that your followers are online are the days to will get the most engagement. The time shows when your audience is actively on Facebook. Obviously, that is the best time to post on Facebook.

According to the Insights below, most followers of this Facebook page are on Facebook on Thursday between 5 and 10 p.m.
Facebook Insights

7. Thinking that Facebook is a tool for direct selling. Facebook is about relationships. Entice your followers with something that benefits them and directs them to the landing page on your website. Remember, followers start as strangers.

8. Not willing to put in the time to learn and test Facebook ads. Facebook ads are inexpensive and target your market with precision. But, you have to know what you’re doing. Facebook advertising takes times to learn, but it’s incredibly effective. I have found that page post ads in the newsfeed are more effective than right-column ads. A successful ad will be relevant, have a call-to-action, and brand identification.

Am Girl AdThe American Girl ad to the left appeared in the right column because I follow their doll site and Maplelea, so it is relevant, has a call-to-action to get doll accessories, and their logo is identifiable.

9. Not using all the elements on your Facebook Cover Page to feature your company. It should provide credibility, authority, and personalization. The About section should be a quick summary of your business with a call-to-action and link.

    Pinned to Top• Posts should be Pinned to the Top of your timeline to provide more engagement. After you post, click on the arrow in the top-right corner and choose Pin to Top.

    • Add app tabs for important topics.

    • Run contests on your timeline to increase engagement and promote content.

    • Create a variety of posts including images, videos, questions, surveys, and infographics to encourage interest.

Maplelea Ad10. Not engaging with fans. Facebook is a social site, not something that should get them direct sales. Content + Connection = Sales. If followers trust you, they are more likely to buy from you or recommend you to others.

The Maplelea Girls ad is a good example of a post in the newsfeed—they will give you a free shipping code if you Like them on Facebook. If people Like them, they will have more followers and a sale! No one is going to use the shipping code, unless they’re planning to buy. Shipping is a flat fee of $9.

Facebook marketing is extremely powerful for businesses when done properly.

If you need help setting up a cover page in Facebook or creating icons for page apps, send me an emaill: learn@sterlinged.com

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