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Share Facebook images; don't steal them

CdnFree FB PostBy Barbara A. Fanson
for Sterling Education Centre

If you see an image on Facebook—or any other social media platform—please, don't right click and save. And then post it on your own page and call it your own. That is a copyright violation. And you're aren't giving the artist any credit.

Instead, if you see an image you like, click the Share button. That way, you're giving credit to the original FB page. And it's legal and you won't get sued for copyright violation. More on the law: Copyright Intellectual Property

Kidfo Canada Flag FB PostI originally drew this flag, researched the correct red colour, and posted it with the text on Canada Day 2013. It got almost 12,000 shares last year for Kidfo.ca. I re-posted it this year on Facebook with hopes of surpassing 12,000. (I posted it in the April issue of DigitalDigest.)

But, CanadianFreeStuff.com decided to save it and post it on their own Facebook page. And it got over 62,565 shares!

Ignorance—or not knowing where someone got the image from—is not a good defense. In the end, a business owner is responsible for anything the company puts out.

If CanadianFreeStuff.com had shared it instead, they would have given credit to Kidfo.ca and it would have read: CanadianFreeStuff.com shared Kidfo.ca's photo.
MJM share Kidfo

Any story, poem, painting, illustration, music or computer program you create is worth protecting. Copyright exists automatically when you create an original piece of art , but a certificate of registration is evidence that your creation is protected by copyright and that you are the registered owner.

If you don't want to "share" the image on Facebook, you could message them on their Facebook page: ask for permission to use it.

Just because it's on the Internet, it doesn't mean it's free.

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