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Bookmarks are essential tools for authors

Bookmark TragedyBy Barbara A. Fanson for Sterling Education Centre
A bookmark is an essential promotional tool for authors, illustrators, and publishers. If you have a table at a bookstore or library, be sure to have bookmarks on hand. Some people collect bookmarks. If they don’t buy your book today, they look at your website, or order the book later. You can also present book buyers with a free bookmark. They may be getting an autographed copy and a bookmark—two things you can’t get if you order the book online.

You’ll also want to have business cards with full address, email address, and telephone number for booking speaking events, bookstores, or dealing with businesses.
Bookmarks should have a photo of your book cover, a quote, authors name, and website or blog address, and a reason to go to your website. Do you offer a benefit on your website or blog? Do you have tips, coloring pages, activities, a free guide, or more information on the topic of your book?

If you have more than one book, should you show them all on one bookmark? Definitely. If a reader likes one book, they may buy your other books. But, I wouldn’t have more than four books on one bookmark, or it gets crowded. And they should be of similar genres.

I have designed a Word template with 8 bookmarks. Highlight the type and make changes. It is frustrating to design a layout in Microsoft Word because the pictures or type keep re-flowing. I prefer Adobe Illustrator because if I move type to a spot, it stays there unless I move it. Here is the Word template with eight bookmarks on it. Word doc with 8 bookmarks or Word doc with 5 bookmarks.
You can print your bookmarks on your printer or save the file onto a USB stick and take it to Staples or another photocopy outlet to produce color photocopies.

Staples Copy Centre charged me 30 cents for each sheet of card stock plus tax. They charged 39 cents for each color photocopy, plus tax. It cost about 10 cents per bookmark. You could also get a quote from a local print shop to print your business cards on a printing press.

Then, you can use a metal ruler and knife to cut them apart. Or I can design your bookmark for $30 and then get them printed. Here is the Word template with eight bookmarks on it.

If you need help with your website, email promotions or setting up a Facebook page, send me an email: learn@sterlinged.com

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