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8 ways to get viewers to scroll down
to view your whole email

The top 6.5 inches of an email are premium real estate—that's what your recipients see first! But how do you get them to scroll down and see the rest of your email? Here are 8 techniques to encourage recipients to scroll down.

  1. Use a numbered list—like this one—to entice readers to want to see all 8 ways. Since the headline says 8 ways, there must be more ways farther down on the email.
  2. Include a Table of Contents in the preheader at the top of the email . You can provide links to the topic or just list them. Hopefully, there's one Mail subject linetopic they'll find interesting. Also, this list may show up in their email program under the subject line. This is how my last email looked in Mail on a Mac. GSC calendar
  3. Include a Calendar with upcoming events.
  4. Direct their eye with arrows, lines, and graphics. The viewer's eye naturally looks where arrows are pointing and naturally follows lines.
  5. Use long images/infographics. I've seen some photos that were 60" long! If the image is enticing, viewers will scroll. If only a part of the image is showing, viewers will want to see the rest of the image.
  6. Kidfo EmailUse downward motion. Animated gifs can provide movement that draws your readers’ eyes down through an email. This is a rarely used tactic but can work well. (Remember, Adobe Flash doesn't show on iPhones, though you could create an animation in HTlML5.)
  7. Use a photo with someone looking in a certain direction or hands pointing. What are these people looking at or pointing at?
  8. Check out the curves on this email!. Look at the Kidfo email to your right. Notice the first image on the right, with text on the left? The next image is on the opposite side forming an S-curve or letter "S".

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