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7 steps to organizing an email promotion

Like most successful marketing campaigns, email promotions should be planned in advance.

Digital Digest PicThe first step to planning an email promotion should include a meeting with everyone involved to get their input: marketing people, designers, programmers, managers, and salespeople.

Here is a list of questions to be asked before starting any work on an email promotion. There is a blank form at the end of this article that you can use to organize your next email promotion.

  1. What type of email do you want to send out? A newsletter with short tips, information, and advice on how to use a product or service. Since viewers will be reading it online, keep it brief and concise.
  2. How often will you send out emails? If you’re planning to do a newsletter, will you email it on a regular basis like once per month, or will you send it out when you have enough info for it? Does your business change with the season? Are there certain times in the year when you offer different sales promotions?
  3. Do you have an email list ready to send to? If the answer is yes, you can proceed to the next page. If your list is not quite ready, who will be in charge of getting it ready? There is no use designing an email promotion, if there is no one to send it to.

    Several lists
    You may not want to send out one email to every address on your list. Instead, you may want several lists so that each email is customized for each list.
    You may want a list of people who have bought from you before. You may want another list of potential buyers. The first group could get the “loyal email” but the second group gets a different email.

  4. Do you need more email addresses? Some organizations have more than one email list; an organization could have an internal list of email addresses of staff members, existing clients list, and sales leads list from the last tradeshow. If you feel you need to start collecting more email addresses, what is the best way? (See chapter 1 of this course manual for ideas about collecting email addresses.)
  5. Who will you send the email to?
    If you have several lists, you may choose to send out the email to just one of your lists. Will you send out the email to your “friends” on Facebook, as well.
  6. Can you divide your list into several smaller lists?
    The best email promoters will create different email promotions to send out to different lists. One list may be for past customers, another list for potential clients, and a third list is attendees of a recent conference or tradeshow.
  7. When do you plan to send the next email promotion?
    Perhaps you need to set a deadline and work backwards to achieve the deadline. You will need to prepare email lists, plan the promotion, design the promotion, and email the promotion.

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Here is a blank PDF form for Planing an Email Promotion.

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