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Hyphen SampleDon't use a hyphen
when you need an en dash or an em dash

A hyphen is used for 2 things: to join compound words like man-eating plant or to continue a word on the next line. Period. A hyphen is not used in place of an en dash or an em dash.

When should you use a en dash or an em dash? An en dash which is the width of a capital N, is used instead of "to" or "thru" when typing dates or times, such as Monday – Thursday or 4 – 5:30 p.m. Notice there is a space on each side.

An em dash—the width of a capital M—is used in this sentence, instead of two hyphens of commas. Here is another example: He went to the store—like he always does on Saturdays—to buy milk. Notice there are no spaces on either side of the em dashes.

Em dashes are sometimes used instead of bullet points when typing a list:

—em dashes can replace two commas around a phrase
—em dashes replace two hyphens
—em dashes can be used instead of bullets in a list.

To type an en dash in HTML: —

To type an em dash in HTML: –

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