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Facebook Posts: Know your audience
so you know what to post and when to post
Correct HelmetIf your organization has over 30 Facebook Fans, you can check the Facebook Insights to confirm which posts had the most Likes, Shares, or Comments.

You can also look at the bottom of each post to see how many people actually saw the post.

Facebook Insights can also reveal the age group and sex of your Fans. What would they prefer to see? After all, they’re the ones who will provide the original Likes or Shares of your posts.

Insights can also reveal what time your Fans are checking their Facebook page. If your Fans are checking their page in the evening, you should time your posts to just before the time they are checking, to make sure they see the post.Correct Helmet

The first Facebook posts A is a promotion for fall riding classes. Only 81 people saw this post.

Post B asks for a Like or Share. 342 people saw Post B because it had 20 Likes. Does a quotation or benefit of horseback riding generate more response?

I found that most of the Fans are young people and perhaps their parents are paying for their lessons or horse boarding. Perhaps they need to know the benefits of riding so their parents will continue to fund their sport. Something to think about.

Correct HelmetPost C also has a quotation or benefit. 255 people saw this post because 9 people liked it. The post doesn’t even ask for a Like.
So, why would this post be popular? Let’s look at the Insights to find out more about our Fans.

If you’re the Admin for an organization and you have more than 30 Fans, you can see the Insights for a Facebook page.
If you know the age group and sex of your Fans, you can target your Facebook posts to their interests.

This equestrian centre has 111 Fans since starting a Facebook page two months ago. 84% are women, 23 are 18 – 24 years of age, and 22% are 25 – 34 years of age. The majority of Fans live in Hamilton, Ontario. Because most of the Fans are women between 18 and 34 years of age, most posts should reflect their interests.

This Insight chart shows last week’s stats which were the first week of school. Slightly more Fans check Facebook on weekends than during the week. That could change as their school load gets heavier.

FB Age Gender

According to the Times chart, 32 Fans checked their Facebook page at 9 p.m. Another 31 Fans checked their Facebook page at 4 p.m. or 10 p.m.
It would probably be best to post in late afternoon or early evening—before they check their news feed.

What do you think? Which of these Facebook posts gets your attention first and which one are you likely to read?

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