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Mabels Labels April EmailWould you send a funny email
on April Fool's Day?

On April Fool's Day, I received an email from Mabel's Labels that showed a brand new product: solar-powered labels that will charge your camera's battery or your iPad's battery .Just attach the label to the electronic device and it will harness the power of the sun to charge the battery. A great product and I wanted to know more!

So I clicked on the link to their landing page and saw an image of an April calendar. The text said:

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Did we get ya? Hope you enjoyed our little April Fools’ trick – all in good fun! To shop our real Sticky Label products, click here!

Thanks for making us smile every day of the year! Mabels April Web

Dreamstime April EmailSome emails you receive on April 1st will mention April Fool's Day, such as Dreamstime:

On April 1st we're not playing tricks on you, we're encouraging you to play tricks on others.

Get some inspiration from our collection of pranks and sill faces.

I also received an email from Michael's craft store:

We're not April Fool-ing you—these deals are great!

Or, I received an email from YamStamps:

Happy Spring! No fooling—it finally feels like it might actually be springtime…

So, are you planning to send a funny email for the next April Fool's Day?

If you need help sending emails or setting up a Facebook cover page, send me an email: learn@sterlinged.com

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