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Barbara and Little Mac45 Facebook mistakes
for businesses to avoid

Thinking of setting up a Facebook page for a business or organization? Here are 45 mistakes that businesses should avoid, though not in order. Do you know of any other mistakes that should be included in this list?

  1. Not having a clear message of who you are and how you serve.
  2. Poor grammar is not professional.
  3. Poor punctuation makes a business look uniformed.
  4. Poor spelling makes a business look sloppy.
  5. Lack of consistency.
  6. Posting about things not related to their business.
  7. Posting too often or not often enough.
  8. Posting only about a product.
  9. Not engaging enough.
  10. People or businesses that rely only on Facebook for business and put little effort efforts into other types of marketing. Facebook is a tool, but not the only means.
  11. Not using a #hashtag in their posts.
  12. Trying to save time by using a Twitter post, which doesn’t always make sense on Facebook, even though Facebook now has #hashtags.
  13. Post and Run; businesses that don’t interact with the incoming comments.
  14. Not applying the 80/20 rule.
  15. Sharing complaints and negative comments.
  16. Not thinking about your client. Good businesses are customer-focused and post what they think their customers want to read.
  17. Too many repetitive posts.
  18. Text-only updates.
  19. Not engaging with their audience.
  20. Hard selling or spammy posts.
  21. Not providing a wll-rounded, entertaining Facebook page.
  22. Not understanding the dynamics of their fan base.
  23. Running their Facebook page like a website.
  24. Not taking advantage of the “power of the newsfeed”.
  25. Lack of fan interaction and engagement.
  26. When the Administrator posts in first person: “I tried the new product…”
  27. When a business is more worried about their numbers, instead of interacting with their fans. The more comments; the more fans that will see your post.
  28. Spending too much time on Facebook, even though their customers never visit Facebook, because they think it’s something teenagers do.
  29. Using only Facebook in their social media marketing arsenal.
  30. Unwillingness to invest in Facebook ads, even the simplest, promoted posts.
  31. Keeping the CAPS LOCK ON.
  32. Liking an inappropriate page (and forgetting that this will show up on your page for the whole world to see)!
  33. Businesses should keep their Facebook page professional.
  34. Contests are in direct violation of Facebook’s terms.
  35. Confusing Facebook page with a product catalogue.
  36. Using a personal profile as a business or organization presence.
  37. Thinking that you are not making any mistakes and taking things lightly.
  38. No social media plan can lead to a lack on inconsistency.
  39. Posting infrequently or only when they want to promote something.
  40. Too much selling and not enough listening.
  41. Using too many #hashtags.
  42. Discussing personal problems can damage a business’ brand and credibility.
  43. Stealing copy from someone’s else’s post or website.
  44. Not responding to Fans as quickly as possible.
  45. Long, run-on sentence. When writing for the Internet, remember the KISS principle: keep it short and sweet.

Do you know of any other Facebook mistakes that should be included in this list?

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